“MP” private luxury house, Shumen

A luxury private house with stylish and modern architecture

Located in Shumen, Bulgaria, “MP” house is а great example of a luxury home. We were contacted by the client to make a whole redesign of the existing house- fasade, interior and landscape. We used natural materials like stone and wood to give the exterior a unique and modern look. The landscape is simple and corresponds to the overall feeling of the architecture. Different activity spots were added like an outdoor spa zone and an open fireplace for romantic nights with friends and family. And as in every project good results come from good intentions. That is why we were very happy that the client had a good vision and trusted us with managing and designing the whole project- from exterior to interior.


Service: fasade redesign, interior and landscape design

Location: Shumen, Bulgaria

Client: Private 

Design year: 2019-20

Status: under construction

Build up area: 820 sq.m,  garden- 2400 sq.m