Dental studio “ONE”, Sofia

Dental studio “ONE” is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a small dental practice studio, which consists of four cabinets and a reception area. The design answers to the client’s desire to have a unique, worm and modern space. We followed the shape of the existing walls and structures and created a curved shaped design to soften the small space feeling.

According to the client, division of space was a clear need, along with the need of visual continuity and light spread. Three types of vertical surfaces were used to design the built mass: opaque walls (wood floor cladding), glass walls and curtains. The majority of the built mass is formed of a glass walls’ design, dividing and linking, moulding the time, multiplying the space and its realities.


realization date: 2019

interior design: Corpus Architects

project management: Modulor studio, Sofia

photography: Stefan Shterev-